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Holocaust Handbooks, Volume 41:

Carlo Mattogno: The Making of the Auschwitz Myth—Auschwitz in British Intercepts, Polish Underground Reports and Postwar Testimonies (1941-1947).

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In this new, upcoming comprehensive study, Carlo Mattogno has brought all these sources together and subjected them to his legendary scrutiny. He ferrets out the truth from underneath the propaganda piled up over the decades. He shows how exactly the myth of gas-chamber mass murder was created at war’s end and in the immediate postwar period, and how it has been turned subsequently into “history” by intellectually corrupt scholars – we would not call them historians, though many hold the requisite credentials – who cherry-picked claims that fit into their political agenda and ignored or actively covered up literally thousands of lies of “witnesses” to make their narrative look credible. Carlo Mattogno has created yet another masterpiece of historical analysis of all the relevant source material upon which the orthodox Auschwitz narrative is based. And its effect is devastating for the orthodoxy…

ca. 450 pp. pb, 6"×9", bibliography, index

Production stage: translation; scheduled for: 7/2018

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